Love Stories of Commonwealth

“Know each other well.”

While growing up in West Millford, West Virginia, Ruth and Andy became friends in their teenage years. Andy was a senior in high school and was very active in sports. He played on the football team, and Ruth became attracted to him when she was a freshman. They began dating when Andy was 17, and Ruth was 14.

Andy graduated and went off to Potomac State Junior College to play football but had always wanted to learn to fly. After taking lessons, Andy entered the U.S. Navy and because a WWII pilot. Ruth was enrolled at the University of West Virginia. It was at that time that she realized that she and Andy had something special together because they both missed each other. Ruth finished college at W.V.U. and began to teach junior high while Andy was still in the service. She only taught for one year, realizing she wanted a different lifestyle. Andy returned from WWII and in June of 1946, they became husband and wife. As of today, they have been married 72 years.

Andy and Ruth have two children, one daughter and one son and three grandchildren. They moved to Danville, Virginia in 1956. Andy was in sales and Ruth became a social worker.

They eventually became owners of Danville Lumber Company. This provided them with a great life. Andy and Ruth loved to travel together with their favorite places being in the United States. “There are just so many beautiful places here,” says Ruth.

Andy and Ruth continue to live a great life at Stratford House in Danville, Virginia.

They have been residents of our community for 3 years.

When asked if they could pass on some advice to younger couples today Ruth stated, “Just be sure you know each other well.” One thing is for sure, Andy and Ruth really know each other well after 72 years of wonderful marriage.