Legacies Project- Bette Brown

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

That’s the advice Bette Brown, resident at Commonwealth Senior Living at Front Royal would like to give to the next generation when asked in her interview this past Monday. Miss Brown is participating in the Legacies Project, a joint effort between WTJU, the radio station of University of Virginia and Commonwealth Senior Living in capturing the stories of our residents across the state. We asked them about their lives, what moments were most impactful, what they have enjoyed the most and what they’d like their legacy to be.

Miss Brown was a teacher at H.M. Pearson Elementary in Faquier County, VA for 33 years. Over all those years, she said there are kids from each class that she’ll always remember. Some of them are connected to her on Facebook now. Times have really changed since she got her first computer at the school in the late 70s. But she’s enjoyed learning and staying up on new technology as the years have gone by. She enjoys time on her computer each day and still teaches a bit. Our residents enjoy her exercise classes each morning. Miss Brown hopes to get back to driving so that she can do some volunteering at the local grade school in the future.

Listen to a little bit of her story by clicking below:

Stay tuned for her full story which will be on the air on WTJU and here on our website in October. In the meantime, we’ll continue tidbits from the interviews. Next week, a story from a WWII veteran.