Legacies Project- Bill Wyatt

“That’s the girl for me!”

As we continue to work on this joint project with WTJU, the radio station of University of Virginia in capturing the stories of our residents across the state, we asked our residents about defining moments in their lives, what moments were most impactful, what they have enjoyed the most and what they’d like their legacy to be. For Mr. Bill Wyatt, it was the night he saw his wife for the first time. It was a moment he has never forgotten.  He says that knowing she was the girl for him may be the only of his prophesies that came true, he told us with a chuckle. After 70 years, she’s still his bride, and he’s still quite taken by her.

You can hear a sampling of the story by clicking below:Stay tuned for the full story and podcast this fall.

Mr. Wyatt is one of our beloved residents at Commonwealth Senior Living at Charlottesville. Learning the stories of our residents and joining them in the journey is what gets us up in the morning. We listen. We love. We care. We serve. It’s not just what we say, but what we do. Every day. To learn more about what we do and how you can join our community, please visit our community page.