Legacies Project- Burlyn Rogers

“It gave me a chance to express myself, but I didn’t have to talk to anybody to do it.”

That’s Burlyn Rogers explaining what he loved about building airplanes. The first plane he worked on was a B47, a medium sized bomber jet. He tells us that sitting down to a piece of paper and creating a machine is something like magic. It was heaven to him.

Mr. Rogers shared his experiences with us from his home at Commonwealth Senior Living at Williamsburg. At 97, he has quite a few stories to tell from building planes to rubbing elbows with people like Elizabeth Taylor. You can hear a sample of his story by .

These stories and interviews are being collected in partnership with  WTJU, the radio station of University of Virginia. As University of Virginia is part of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, we asked our residents about defining moments in their lives, what moments were most impactful, what they have enjoyed the most and what they’d like their legacy to be. The compilation of these stories paints a larger picture of Virginia, and we are proud to both be a part of their stories and share them with the rest of the world.