Legacies Project- Burt Barnes

This summer, we’ve partnered with University of Virginia’s radio station, WTJU in celebrating their bicentennial. The university stands as a reminder of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, and made us think about our residents and their legacies, the stories they will leave behind.

Many of our residents’ legacies will include serving their country. These residents’ pictures hang on our Wall of Valor in each community. We include a star above their door number as a reminder of their service, and perhaps, most importantly, we listen to their stories and share them.

Burt Barnes spent nearly 30 years traveling the world in the Air Force, but there’s one very short trip that he remembers most clearly. Listen to a bit of that story here:

Mr. Barnes is one of the many residents who keep us laughing at Commonwealth Senior Living at Hampton. Stay tuned for more stories each week.