Legacies Project- Eva Coates Hagood

When we first sat down with the team at University of Virginia’s radio station, WTJU, to talk about this idea of the Legacies Project, we knew we wanted to record stories. The idea blossomed from UVA’s bicentennial, the legacy which Thomas Jefferson left behind. It would be interesting to ask our residents, the elders of the state what they wish their legacy to be. What moments in their lives do they want to share with the next generation? How do they want people to remember them?
These are big questions which are sometimes very hard to answer. How do you boil down your whole life, everything you are into a short, minute long recording? Most residents grappled with this, as I’m sure, we all would. But some did not.
Ms. Eva Coates Hagood of South Boston was a labor and delivery nurse for 41 years, and she felt it was her calling. Listen to her story below:

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