Legacies Project- Gunter Buhrdorf

The legacies of the people of Virginia do not just include countryside life in the commonwealth. Many of our residents began their lives in other countries. They came here to start a new life, to flee from war torn countries.

Gunter Buhrdorf is one of those residents. He was born and raised in Germany during WWII. The war began when he was 14 years old. As he says, “and my youth went out the window!”

Click here to listen to a snippet of his story:

Gunter had the opportunity to befriend another WWII veteran at Commonwealth Senior Living at Christiansburg several years ago. The story of their friendship ended up making the cover of The Washington Post. It’s not every day you meet a soldier from the opposing side of a war you fought in 70 some years before.

These stories weave the fabric of our state. Each individual adding color and texture, coming together and moving apart. Documenting these stories is possible through a partnership with University of Virginia’s radio station, WTJU. University of Virginia’s bicentennial celebration takes place this year, and recording the legacies of the state’s eldest members is part of that celebration.

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