Legacies Project- James Crumbley

Overcoming fear is something that we all must do at different points in our lives, but in some situations, that fear is palpable.

James Crumbley joined the Navy as WWII was starting. He had never been out at sea up until that point. He was assigned to find submarines, and the idea of torpedos really frightened him. It didn’t help that the threat was so real. After all, the area surrounding the Outer Banks in North Carolina was nicknamed “Topedo Alley” during the war for all the attacks on Allied shipping vessels.

Nonetheless, Mr. Crumbley was able to overcome that fear and serve four years with the Navy. You can hear a portion of the interview with Mr. Crumbly here:

Mr. Crumbley is a cherished member of our community at Commonwealth Senior Living at Gerogian Manor. This is one of many interviews we’re doing with our residents about pivotal times in their lives; moments that had great impact on who they are as a person.

These stories weave the fabric of our state. Each individual adding color and texture, coming together and moving apart. Documenting these stories is possible through a partnership with University of Virginia’s radio station, WTJU. University of Virginia’s bicentennial celebration takes place this year, and recording the legacies of the state’s eldest members is part of this momentous celebration.

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