Legacies Project- Johnny Colville

This summer, we’ve partnered with University of Virginia’s radio station, WTJU in celebrating their bicentennial. The university stands as a reminder of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, and made us think about our residents and their legacies, the stories they will leave behind.
Growing tobacco has been part of the story of Virginia since colonists settled here in the 1600s. Many of our residents have experience working tobacco farms. Mr. Colville talks about planting tobacco, walking barefoot through the fields, the coolness of the barn. Those memories are conjured up like he was there just yesterday.

Listen by clicking below.

Understanding our residents’ life stories helps us craft menus, programs and experiences we know they’ll enjoy. If you’re curious how we use these stories to customize their experiences, reach out to Rose at rciconta@commonwealthsl.com. She’d be happy to talk through our phenomenal, resident-centered programming.