Legacies Project- Loreighn Stewart

“I want to be remembered as a happy person,” said Ms. Stewart as she giggled into the microphone. And really, what a wonderful and simple wish that is! It’s hard not to smile while listening to Ms. Stewart talk about teaching Sunday school. Her happiness is contagious.

Over the last few months, we’ve worked closely with University of Virginia on the Legacies Project, a compilation of stories from our residents across the state talking with us about what they would like their legacy to be, how they would like to be remembered or what wisdom would they like to share. It is our nod to Thomas Jefferson as we celebrate one of elements of the legacy he has left us, UVA. The university celebrates their bicentennial this year, and it creates an opportunity to reflect on what we’re all doing to impact the world around us. While we may not be building a university, we might be spreading happiness to those around us. And that is no small thing.

To learn more about how we’re making residents giggle, follow this blog by clicking on the envelope below or email Jamie Crowe (jcrowe@commonwealthsl.com) at Commonwealth Senior Living at The West End to visit our community and laugh with Ms. Stewart in person.