Legacies Project- Ronald Craft

“You give a little. You take a little.”

Anyone who has been in a relationship for any great length of time might tell you that relationships aren’t easy. Building a life with another person can have it’s challenges, and the national statistics on divorce rates do not paint a different picture. Maybe that’s why we celebrate those individuals who are able to be successful in their marriages to such a high degree. Perhaps these couples have a secret to share on how they are able to enjoy each other so much after 72 years. You can listen to a portion of his interview below:

At 97, Ronald Craft of Commonwealth Senior Living at Gloucester House says the key to being married that long is kindness. He says after all these years, he and his wife still think of each other’s happiness all the time. He says he’d marry her again if he had the chance, and she told him she would marry him again too.

So this, the advice of give and take and a long, happy marriage is the legacy that Mr. Craft would like to leave the next generation.

This summer, we’ve partnered with University of Virginia’s radio station, WTJU in celebrating their bicentennial. The university stands as a reminder of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, and made us think about our residents and their legacies, the stories they will leave behind. So far, we’ve heard from immigrants, soldiers, nurses, mothers, farmers and husbands on what moments they wanted to share. These elders of our state are imparting their advice and wisdom, and we are grateful to hear it. Stay tuned for more stories every week by following this blog.