Legacies Project- Ruth Sisson

This summer, we’ve partnered with University of Virginia’s radio station, WTJU in celebrating the university’s bicentennial. The university being a reminder of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy made us think about our residents and their legacies, the stories they will leave behind.

This brought us to Commonwealth Senior Living at Hillsville and spending a day chatting with Ruth Sisson. She reflected back on a memory of her first year at Radford University. What was her one regret? Well, she wished she had the chance to dance at a sorority party.

You can listen to a tidbit of her story here:

There was a time when it was fairly common for mothers to make dresses and pajamas out of feed bags. Until these bags were made out of paper in the 1960s, these cotton bags could be turned into all kinds of useful household items by the engineering mothers of the time. We found a great page about the history of feedbags as clothing here: http://hiddenfashionhistory.com/tag/feed-sacks/

We’ll have all of the full stories from these residents later this fall. Stay tuned!